Hello there, my name is John Alexander, I am a qualified vet and I am the co-founder of Dog Supply Insider.

When I and my partner Othmane Jeddd started this website, we had no idea what we were getting into. It all started as a crazy idea, we wanted to serve the high quality and science-based content on the internet as a vet myself, and as a dog lover.

When I first had a dog, his name was Flenn. I didn’t know what type of food I should give him, and honestly, I didn’t think about it nor did I think it would matter. “As long as the label says dog food, I am good,” I thought.

Things were good, really good, for a while at least until one day he sat at the corner all day refusing to eat or drink.

I take him to a vet and he opened my eye to the truth I didn’t know. And how would I with the low-quality content that is all over the internet?

When I look back on that accident, I smile now. Of course, it wasn’t a happy one, but that’s what led me to dive deep into dog nutrition and taking as a profession by becoming a qualified vet myself.

On this website, what you can expect from me, my co-founder, and my team is this:

First, we will provide high-quality and science-based content.

Second, honest advice and opinions: we don’t and we won’t take money to say good stuff about a shitty product, all the products we recommend here are based on our knowledge in the field, personal experiences, and what we think is actually good. Not what pays the highest commission.

And finally, all the content we will publish on this website has been written or overseen by a qualified vet or vet tech.

Also, don’t forget to enjoy and have a good time while visiting our website.


John Alexander.

Co-founder of Dog Supply Insider.